Monday, 2 September 2013

Love & Beauty Purple Multi

Not the most imaginative name for a polish but a real stunneroo:

When my sister last visited the States a few weeks back, she gave me the address of her hotel and happily agreed to accept parcel deliveries to bring back to the UK. (She was however, a tad surprised at the size of some of the aforementioned parcels ).  I ordered 'quite a few' of these Love & Beauty polishes from Forever21.  They work out at about £1.50 each for a generous 14ml bottle, hence the large order.......

Apparently there are Forever21 shops in the UK and a UK website, but for some reason they don't sell polish at all. That's really disappointing as some of the Love & Beauty polishes offer something a bit different and rather indie-esque.

It has a plummy purple jelly base with silver, gold, pale pink, green and blue medium sized hex glitters.  The edges of the hexes aren't well defined and as I look down at my nails it resembles dot glitter. 

The consistency was gluey, sticky and thick, but it applied surprisingly well, these photos show just two coats. 
I normally really struggle with jellies and crellies; the base is either so sheer that I need a multitude of coats to cover the nail line and the layers of glitter disappear into a porridge of thick polish, or the base is too thick and although gives good coverage the glitter is obscured by the base and any depth is lost.

This one was perfect, the depth is visible and the jelly encases the glitter and gives a glossy glassy finish. A thick coat of Seche was necessary to smooth, but enhanced the glassy look.

If you're lucky enough to be visiting the States any time soon, I'd seriously recommend checking this range out.


  1. Wow, looks fabulous! Love that shade of purple.

  2. Thanks Nail Bandit, I've a few more Love and Beauty polishes (as yet untried), but I strongly suspect this one will remain my firm favourite.