Sunday, 1 September 2013

Anny Never Can Say Goodbye (Shade 465)

This really isn't a colour I'd normally pick, but the tiny pink and silver sparkles in this warm buff toned foil like polish shone out in mesmerizing fashion.  The deal was sealed - it plopped into the basket, despite the Communards' high pitched sing - a - linging in my head, accompanied by visions of Somerville shaking his pert little arse in high belted pale denim jeans.  This should have been my signal to say goodbye to the Anny, but I failed to take heed..............

So I tried three coats, no joy,  I knew I'd need four - I have other Anny polishes and they're all fairly sheer and don't build up well.  But buying an Anny on holiday is like buying a souvenir, I know they're tricky to use but I also know that I'll come back with one. 

There are the sparkles, trapped inside the bottle.  I see silver sparkles on my nails, but no pink.

It warms up a bit in the sunshine, and there's the merest suggestion of pink but ultimately it looks pretty much like a standard pale silver foil.
I doubt it'll grace my nails again, but as souvenirs go I guess it beats a donkey with a straw hat!

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