Saturday, 4 January 2014

Ninja Polish Flibberti-Gibbet

I'd been waiting for Ninja Polish to have a re-stock for what seemed like ages, and finally on Black Friday my patience paid off.  I was hoping for a few more shades to choose from as there were only about 8 (of their entire range of 50) but the Ninjas operate in a different fashion to many other indie sellers - instead of having a limited stock of many shades, they try to make sure that when they do release or re-stock that they have enough supply to meet demand.  Refreshing huh? I'd rather be able to buy what's in the store than lust over shades that are advertised then sell out before you have time to bung 'em in the basket.

I took a chance on Flibberti-Gibbet, there was no photograph of the bottle, let alone swatches, and as it was a new shade launched that day, nothing else at all online. Just this enticing product description from Ninja Polish.......

Ninja Polish Flibbertigibbit from the Spectrum holographic collection is an amazing green color shifting holographic polish. The color shifts from green to golds and browns on your nails and if the angle is just right a few other colors might pop in there. The linear holographic adds a whole other layer of prismatic explosion to your nails as well!

I like green, colour shifts and holos, I love Ninja Polishes, so at $12 figured it was well worth taking a calculated risk.

 Green, bronze, purple and gold visible in this photo taken in the light box, but hiding the holo.

I headed off in search of more direct light to show the holo, unfortunately Mr Shady came along too (inexperience with my new camera to thank for this). I'm not going to narrate the rest of the photos as they speak for themselves, some were in the box, others were at various places in the house with more direct light.
Suffice to say Flibberti-Gibbet is a winner, different lights show steely blue, emerald green, bronze, gold and purple, with strong holo or subtle depending on the intensity of the light. 


Formula was extraordinary - amazing coverage in one coat. Average wear time (I used a topcoat of HK Girl). 
Flibberti-Gibbet is only available from Ninja Polish:

So glad I took a punt on this one!