Monday, 9 September 2013

Color Club The Uptown

This polish is from the Fall 2013 Girl about Town collection. 

It's a blurple jelly base with flakies that reflect bronze, red and green; maybe not unique (Layla Butterfly Effect and NFU Oh 51 spring to mind for starters) but jaw dropping all the same.
I used four coats (I do with most polishes as my nail line seems to be particularly prominent) and one of Seche. These photos were taken outdoors in the shade.
I was still gawping at it when I came inside so took another photo in the kitchen which shows the sparkle in the flakies well:
It was thick and fairly challenging to apply but dried quickly with the Seche.  Without it though, I think I could have been in trouble.
I compared it to NFU Oh 51:
They look very similar in their bottles, here are the swatches over a coat of black on the nail wheel:
NFU Oh on the left, and Color Club on the right.
The flakes in the NFU Oh are more refined, sit flatter on the nail and are smoother and slightly less dense.  The base of NFU Oh 51 leans red purple and the Color Club is a bluey purple, and is far gloopier and trickier to apply than the NFU Oh.  
Bearing in mind the price and availability of NFU Oh 51 I'd say The Uptown is a better buy, back up worthy if you're a flakies fanatic!


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