Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ninja Polish Chameleon

This is a polish that I was eagerly awaiting once I'd ordered it, it's from Ninja's new 'Dragon' collection  I'm also the proud owner of 'Enter the Dragon' which I'll share soon.

I love Ninja's own polishes, they rarely fail to disappoint and usually offer a little something more exciting, unusual or unique; which is probably why they're rather frustratingly more often out of stock than in.

This one is a mix of fine indigo, bronze and magenta glitter, being heavy on the indigo.

I was expecting a tint of colour in in the base, but it's clear - I was a tad worried as I started to apply it as the coverage was looking a bit dodgy, but built up albeit a bit lumpily after three generous coats.
In the sunshine the sparkly indigo is dominant and the bronze and magenta are hiding.....

Indoors or in the shade however, the bronze in particular makes a comeback:

The magenta glitter's struggling, and makes only the briefest of appearances which is a shame, I would like to have seen a stronger presence. It's also visibly uneven despite two coats of Seche.
Overall, I'd say I was slightly disappointed with this polish, but that may be partly due to the fact that my expectations were possibly too high and with it being newly released there weren't a whole lot of swatches or reviews to check out prior to purchase.  It's still unique and interesting, and its glitter shades would make it a sultry autumnal polish.


  1. Lovely haul, looking forward to seeing swatches of some of those! (By some, I mean all, of course.) :)

    1. D'oh, commented on the wrong post, this was obviously meant for the haul post. Sorry!