Monday, 25 November 2013

Sephora Formula X Glitters, Lightning and Outburst.

Fleab's been to the States again, which most of you know by now means that another polish drop has occurred. I ordered online (which as time was tight nearly ended up in a total fiasco, resulting in aforementioned Fleab having to head back to the hotel en route to the airport.......) and couldn't resist these glittery jellies from their newly released Formula X range that they call Superwatts.

Voltage, Lightning and Outburst.
These are glassy sheer-ish  jellies with gold holo glitter in various sizes.  Initially, I was a tad disappointed that all of the shades had the same gold glitter, but each coloured jelly lends different multi-coloured glints as the glitter shines through - add in the holo and it's a multitude of rainbow dazzle.
Whilst I was swatching these, it dawned on me that these would be ideal candidates for layer mixing:
Voila! Two new shades.  Left to right, Voltage and Outburst giving a violet; Voltage solo; Lightning solo, Lightning and Outburst together giving teal and finally Outburst solo.
As much as I like the blue and green, it was the teal that really did it for me, so that's what I went with.

One coat of Lightning (green), one of Outburst (blue) and another Lightning.  Finished with Seche.  On reflection I should have got the Gelous out.
I was hoping that these may quell my desire for Deborah Lippmann Shake your Money Maker, but although these are blue, green, teal and holo sparkly they haven't quite hit the spot.......

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